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Originated in 1993, Lingke Ultrasonics Co., Ltd. is a National High-tech Enterprise, Guangdong Province Professional, Excellence, Special, Innovative Enterprise

also awarded Guangdong Engineering Technology Center and a top ten intelligent equipment manufacturing enterprise in Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai City. Mask Packaging Production Line National Standard Drafting Enterprises Member, As a technology manufacturing driven enterprise,Lingke Ultrasonics has been committed to R&D and manufacturing of high performance ultrasonic plastic welding equipment, with more than 31 years' expertise in ultrasonic technology. As one of the earliest ultrasonic equipment manufacturers in China, we have a professional and efficient R&D and production team with 31-year experience, and have invented more than 100 new professional technologies and gained over more than 170 honors.

The main brands are "LINGGAO", "LINGKE" & “SHENGFENG”.

Our innovative products are widely used in plastics, non-woven fabrics, packaging industry, covering medical apparatus,Consumer Electronics,auto parts,print consumables,food cutting, household appliances,textile fiber,packaging,cosmetic container and other fields.A large number of high quality, cost effective and greatly stable ultrasonic welding equipment and application solutions are provided to various industries and enterprises all over the world.

Lingke Ultrasonics Co., Ltd. has six main products:

Ultrasonic plastic welding equipment, ultrasonic welding automation equipment, rotary friction welding equipment, hot melt welding machine equipment, ultrasonic cleaning equipment, welding heads and tooling fixtures.
We can also customize various non-standard automation equipment according to customer needs, such as acoustic shields, welding machines, turntable machines, tail sealing machines, and provide professional and comprehensive technical solutions to help customers improve production efficiency.

Manufacturing Advantages


More than 20 people in foreign trade sales and after-sales, providing quotation and after-sales service in the fastest 30 minutes


The professional R&D team continuously develops and innovates, improves product technology and customization requirements, and increases market competitiveness.


We can customize various non-standard automation equipment according to customer needs, such as soundproof enclosures, welding machines, turntable machines, tail sealing machines, etc., to help customers improve production efficiency.


The company has a variety of testing equipment to conduct various tests on products to ensure product quality

Responsible Work Attitude And Strive For Excellence.

We Are With A High Sense Of Professional Responsibility And Mission.


LINGKE Ultrasonics Co., Ltd. has a production workshop of more than 10000 square meters, including more than 100 CNC and processing equipment, modern complete machine assembly lines and more than 10 production and assembly lines, and various testing instruments are complete. At the same time, we have reached an industry- university-research cooperation with Zhuhai College of Beijing University of Technology, leading the development of ultrasonic plastic welding technology in China.

Custom Pumps & Manufacturing Advantages

TOPTREND is a professional cosmetic packaging manufacturer at home and abroad, specializing in the design and manufacture of spray pump heads, left and right switch pump heads, screw pumps and external lotion pump heads.Company has advanced mold design, steel mold manufacturing, injection molding and product automation production equipment, providing you with high-quality support from customization, development to mass production.


Quality Inspection

Quality is the core of our life, we always put quality in the first place. We conduct strict inspections on the entire production process, from raw material selection, sample development, mass production, packaging, etc., to ensure that the products are 100% up to standard and delivered to you.


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