Application of ultra welding machine in automobile industry.

Automobile parts are usually composed of a variety of materials, such as plastic, cloth, fluff, etc. Ultrasonic welding adalah can weld them together precisely, ensuring the aesthetics and integrity of interior parts. It can improve production efficiency, greatly reduce production costs, and improve product quality. Ultrasonic plastic welding is widely used in various fields of the automotive industry.


Engine Room

Using ultrasonic technology, it is not only possible to join plastics to each other, but also to join plastics to metal or wood, and even chrome-plated parts can be riveted ultrasonically. One such demanding welding application is the large instrument cluster, which can be welded with a variety of welding heads, with a bright appearance and precise gaps.

Automotive Interior

In addition to covers and displays, electronic components can also be soldered and riveted. Ultrasonic welding technology can be used to introduce energy in a targeted manner to the welding area, ensuring a safe connection between the support plate and the housing without posing a threat to sensitive electronic components.



High strength, leak-tightness and dimensional accuracy with a scratch- and dent-free appearance are typical requirements. Ultrasonic welding can protect the function of components and can complete the welding of complex shapes.

Functional Parts

Usedltrasonic welding machine of these components ensures that the functions of the built-in functional components are not restricted. All welding parameters can be 100% checked and recorded. A semi-permeable membrane acts as a pressure equalizing element (DAE) that can be simultaneously die cut and seal welded using ultrasound.


Application advantages

Ultrasonic plastic welding technology has significant advantages in the household appliance industry. It can improve production efficiency, greatly reduce production costs, and improve product quality. It has broad application prospects.

1. High efficiency and energy saving. Ultrasonic plastic welding is a non- hot-melt welding technology. There is no process of heating materials, so it will not produce by-products and waste gas, and give full play to the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection.

2. Good welding quality. Ultrasonic plastic welding uses high-frequency vibration to displace the workpiece under high-speed pressure, thereby generating high-frequency frictional heat, so that the workpiece can be quickly fused, the welding quality is good, and the weld seam is uniform and smooth.


3. High precision. The welding position, welding time, welding pressure and other parameters of ultrasonic plastic welding can be precisely controlled to make the welding effect more accurate.

4. Easy to operate. The ultrasonic plastic welding process is simple, easy to operate, and does not require complicated training and skill assessment, which reduces the learning cost of the staff.

5. Low cost. Ultrasonic plastic welding does not require a lot of manpower, material resources and energy costs like the traditional welding process, which reduces production costs and can also realize automated production.


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