Application of ultrasonic plastic welding in cleaning industry.

The application of ultrasonic welders technology in the cleaning industry can greatly improve the service life and performance of cleaning appliances, machinery and components, improve cleaning effects and work efficiency, and at the same time improve product design and reduce production costs.


Ultrasonic Electronic Component Cleaning

Electronic components often refer to certain parts in industries such as electrical appliances, radios, and instruments, such as capacitors, transistors, hairsprings, springs, and other sub-assemblies. Some high-precision products have extremely high anti-dust and anti- fouling standards for their electronic components. Ultrasonic cleaning equipment can achieve excellent cleaning results, so it is widely used.

Surgical instrument cleaning

Surgical instruments In addition to conventional surgical instruments, there are also some specialized instruments such as orthopedics, plastic surgery, brain surgery, general surgery and so on. The treatment of surgical instruments before use and after use should be just right, and there are relatively high standards for their cleaning and disinfection. Ultrasonic cleaning equipment greatly improves work efficiency and cleaning effect.


Daily cleaning

Jewelry, jewelry, glasses, etc. not only lose their luster due to long-term wearing, but also contain a large amount of bacterial substances. Ultrasonic cleaning acts on the liquid. The bursting of each bubble in the liquid will generate a shock wave with great energy, which is equivalent to instantly generating a high temperature of nearly 100 degrees and a pressure of up to thousands of atmospheres. The shock wave generated by the bursting of the bubbles cleans and scours the inner and outer surfaces of the workpiece. , so the cleaning effect is excellent without hurting the product itself.

Precision hardware cleaning

Precision hardware specifically refers to the metal processing category that requires high precision, including precision plastic hardware, precision stamping hardware, precision turning hardware, etc., and is widely used in electronics, watches, aviation and other industries. Most products have relatively high requirements for antifouling and dustproofing. General tool cleaning is time-consuming and the effect is poor. The use of ultrasonic cleaning equipment greatly improves efficiency and saves costs.


Application advantages

Sonic welding plastic has obvious application advantages in the cleaning industry. Its high efficiency, precision, safety, and environmental protection characteristics make it one of the first choices for cleaning tools, and has attracted the attention and wide application of many industries.

1. Efficient: Ultrasonic plastic welding equipment can quickly clean and dry items, so it can significantly improve cleaning efficiency and productivity. Compared with traditional cleaning methods, ultrasonic plastic welding technology can clean various types of parts and appliances faster.

2. More thorough: Ultrasonic waves can generate high-frequency vibrations to decompose foam and air bubbles in the water, so that the cleaning fluid and dirt can be better stirred and washed off more thoroughly.


3. No damage to items: Ultrasonic waves can thoroughly clean the surface of items without damaging items, especially products in the fields of electronics, optics, watches, etc. Ultrasonic plastic welding technology is very suitable for these items that require special treatment.

4. Energy saving and environmental protection: Ultrasonic plastic welding equipment has the characteristics of high energy efficiency and low energy consumption. Compared with traditional cleaning methods, it can save a lot of energy and water resources. While ensuring the cleaning effect, the impact on the environment is also more Small.

5. Versatility: Ultrasonic plastic welding equipment can not only clean items of various shapes, sizes, and materials, but also can be used to remove grease, stains, and bacteria.


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