Application of ultrasonic welding machine in electronics and telecommunications industry.

Ultrasonic machine welding technology has been widely used in the electronic telecommunications industry and plays a key role in the rapid development and innovation of the industry with the development and innovation of technology.


Cables and Plugs

Plugs and terminal blocks are used as high-value safety components in electronic equipment, electronic instruments and electrical installations. The firm and error-free connection of the contacts
can ensure that the contacts are not offset and the current is stable. Likewise, joining of different materials can also be achieved by ultrasonic riveting.

Electronic equipment

We have 104 sets of CNC processing equipment and production assembly lines, which can meet the needs of a large number of orders, and ensure the yield and delivery time. Our production equipment and technology can meet the needs of different industries and industries. We have experience in the production of various materials and products, and can customize products of different specifications according to the needs of customers. Our production process has passed strict quality control to ensure that every link of the product meets the requirements of customers and relevant national standards.


Electronic equipment cover

For the outer cover, both quality and design have high requirements. These include high strength, good sealing, precise dimensions, good appearance, scratch-resistant surface, and uniform weld seam

Sensors and switches

Optical, inductive and capacitive sensors are widely used in all areas of automation. Welding ultrasonic machine, in addition to a complete and scratch-free appearance, also meets the requirements of tightness and reliable functionality.


Application advantages

Plastic welding technology is widely used in the electronic and telecommunications industry, which improves the reliability and maintenance efficiency of equipment, and can ensure high-precision, high-efficiency, high-quality, and low-cost production in the component manufacturing process.

1. Non-contact: Ultrasonic technology is a non-contact detection technology that can penetrate the surface of the object under test and detect the internal conditions without causing damage to the object under test.

2. Higher precision: Ultrasonic technology can detect micron-level defects and cracks, so it is widely used in non-destructive testing and quality control in the electronic and telecommunications industry.


3. Faster speed: Ultrasonic testing is very fast, and generally only takes a few seconds or minutes to complete the entire testing process.

4. No pollution: The ultrasonic testing process does not require any agents or chemicals, so it will not pollute the environment.

5. Lower cost: Compared with other testing methods, ultrasonic testing instruments are relatively simple and cost-effective, so they are widely used in the electronic and telecommunications industry.


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