Application of ultrasonic plastic welding machine in medical industry.


Ultrasonic plastic welding technology has more and more extensive application prospects in the medical industry, which can improve product quality and production efficiency, and can also bring more convenience to the medical care industry.


Surgical instruments

When housing electronic components, sensitive internal functions need to be secured. For components with complex contours, such as handle housings for surgical instruments, ultrasonic welding can provide a precise and stable solution.


Dressings and Bandages

Ultrasound is able to laminate or perforate the different materials in medical dressings together, making them breathable, sterile and soft. The introduction of tiny energy during ultrasonic welding will not damage the product's absorbency and feel.


Respiratory protective masks

Ultrasonic machine welding makes the mask extra soft and comfortable. Even in the case of high-speed continuous production, the multi-layer structure can be firmly connected together to achieve better breathability. Also attaches the elastic straps easily.


Medical containers

For medical products, their functionality is critical. Ultrasonically sealable and indentation-free welds meet the requirements of medical products, such as the welding of blood or dialysis filters.


Filter vessel

It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and high impact strength. The production process has high requirements on air tightness. Ultrasonic high- frequency mechanical vibration is applied to the product to cause high-speed friction between the two parts of the plastic product. Good splicing.


Semipermeable Membranes and Joints

Whether welding or embedding semi-permeable membranes or thin films are challenges that ultrasonic welding technology is up to. This technology guarantees unrestricted functionality, the required tightness and cleanliness while achieving high throughput.

Application advantages

ultrasonic welding machine for plastic is suitable for a large number of medical device fields, such as surgical instruments, syringes, syringes, infusion sets, catheters, nebulizers, etc., so it can be widely used in the production and processing of medical devices.

1. No pollution: Ultrasonic plastic welding does not require the use of adhesives, and does not produce pollutants such as waste gas, waste water and waste residue, so it can keep medical devices clean.

2. High reliability: Ultrasonic plastic welding can realize overall plastic welding, which can not only ensure the integrity and sealing of the product, but also improve the firmness of the product and make it more durable.


3. High production efficiency: Plastic welding machine ultrasonic can realize rapid heating and cooling, which makes the production speed faster and thus improves the production efficiency.

4. Simple operation: Plastic welding machine ultrasonic only requires simple operation and maintenance, and does not require professional skills, which also facilitates the operation and


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