Application Advantages of Lingke Ultrasonic Welding in High-tech Electronic Applications

Lingke Ultrasonic has everything needed for the highest level of production process, and its accessories adopt domestic and foreign powerful brands in large quantities. It is a national high-tech enterprise with ISO9001 quality management system, intellectual property management system, CE certification, multiple patents and other qualifications. We Providing you with the highest quality welding results, selected tool materials and strict process control through recording software for verification and quality monitoring, coupled with professional project management capabilities.

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Lingke Ultrasonic Technology
Thermoplastics and copolymers are available as molded parts or flexibly welded, riveted, punched, sunk, curve welded and sealed. Particularly suitable here are implants, where metal and plastic parts are connected to each other without preheating the metal parts and without damaging the application. Technical textiles and felt materials can also be cut, punched, sealed and welded.

Our molds are developed according to customer specifications and calculated and simulated through FEM analysis, using selected materials to ensure high quality and long service life. With our quick-change system, tools can be changed in minutes, minimizing downtime.

Processing and manufacturing

Automation & Integration
Thanks to the modular structure of the components, the manual work station can be expanded at any time into an automated production line or integrated into a special machine tool.

There is suitable equipment for every application. We also provide customized solutions for different product applications. Welcome to call us. Lingke Ultrasonic is happy to provide you with consultation and suggestions.



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