Application of Lingke Ultrasonic in Medical Plastic Welding(一)

The medical field has extremely high requirements for product quality. In addition to tightness, strength and minimum particle generation, process verification and process stability are also important factors in the manufacturing process. Ultrasonic technology can be used for welding, which not only ensures that the components maintain functionality and provides continuous process monitoring unmatched by other processes.

In terms of medical plastic welding, Lingke ultrasonic technology can be applied in the following aspects:

Catheters and guides

Medical adapter
Medical precision components are often made from form-stable polycarbonate. Using Lingke’s ultrasonic technology, the two halves of the stamping are tightly joined to each other, ensuring leak-proof performance without generating flying particles and hiding the welds of the transparent plastic.

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Transparent drip bag and tubing

Sealing connection between diaphragm and PE blow molded parts
PE material thin-walled blow molded products in the medical field can hardly withstand any pressure. The wall thickness is uneven and the upper edge to be welded cannot always be closed neatly. Using Lingke’s ultrasonic welding technology, the parts can be produced while generating minimum pressure. It brings the best welding effect and allows the PE blow molded parts to be sealed with the diaphragm.

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Dressing or clean wound tools includes Roll gauze,pile of gauzes and gauze roll cutter or scissors with sun flare

Plastic parts with filter
The opening in the cover of a medical inhalation device must be closed with a fine mesh to prevent backflow and dirt particles from infiltrating. Using Lingke’s ultrasonic technology, filter disks can be punched out of strip material and welded to the cover without damage. This production step needs to be integrated into a fully automated production process and fully monitored and documented.



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