Application of Lingke Ultrasonic in Medical Plastic Welding(二)

In order to make products in the medical field, process verification and process stability are also important factors in the manufacturing process in addition to tightness, strength and minimum particle generation. In terms of medical plastic welding, Lingke ultrasonic technology can also be applied in the following aspect:

Insulin syringe pen and several interchangeable needles

Medical injection head
Using Lingke’s ultrasonic welding technology, the silicon ball can be securely and hermetically fixed in a plastic medical injection head without producing particulate matter. For larger quantities, injection parts must be produced using fully automatic equipment.

plastic ultrasonic welding machine manufacturer

Medical gauze rolls and pads

Compensation film
Medical plastic parts are susceptible to temperature, pressure and humidity fluctuations, so the compensation film must be welded into the ventilation channels, and the appearance and functionality of the compensation film are required to be high. Lingke ultrasonic welding technology can ensure beautiful and sealed welding appearance with almost no particle splash.

Medical parts with film
Lingke ultrasonic welding technology is an economical and feasible method to reliably install films into medical components. It is sealed and does not produce particles. After welding is completed, the surface of the diaphragm is smooth without any damage, and the entire welding process can be completely recorded.

connector for intravenous fluids.

plastic welding system

In addition to technologically advanced products, Lingke Ultrasonic also provides high-quality and in-depth application services and undertakes welding work, especially considering quality and economic aspects. For our customers, we act as consultants and application problem solvers when it comes to ultrasonic welding.



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