Application of Lingke Ultrasonic in the Field of Battery Welding

Lingke Ultrasonics uses professional technology and welding innovation to create a new generation of battery welding technology. To maintain their edge in lithium battery technology and production, battery manufacturers need partners who can provide market-leading cutting-edge technologies, innovative solutions and ongoing global support. From application development to product launch, Lingke Ultrasonic provide solutions to turn next-generation lithium battery designs into commercial products.


Lighter, denser EV and energy storage batteries
Each generation of battery design – cylindrical, prismatic, polymer pouch and now solid-state – challenges the limits of technology and demands corresponding increases in assembly technology. For decades, Lingke Ultrasonic has continuously developed welding technologies to address these challenges. Lingke’s ultrasonic welding technology can reliably weld thinner, finer metals and current advanced composite membrane materials. We’re here to help you build the smaller, lighter, more energy-dense EV and ESS batteries of the future.

Consumer Electronics Batteries: Quality Welding Ensures Reliable Battery Power
Compact lithium batteries power today’s computers, smartphones, watches, cameras and other digital devices. On the one hand, consumers will not doubt the quality and safety of lithium-ion batteries. On the other hand, manufacturers are working hard every day to produce batteries with better functionality and safety, higher efficiency and lower cost. To help manufacturers win in a highly competitive environment, the application development knowledge and process innovation provided by Lingke Ultrasonic can increase production, improve quality, and optimize uptime.



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