Application of Lingke Ultrasonic in Welding of Sensors or Electrical Components

The requirements for components in the electronics industry are increasingly complex and extensive: general quality criteria include tightness, precise dimensions and perfect visual appearance of the surface. Lingke ultrasonic welding enables cost-effective production and ensures a high degree of production safety and reproducibility of the welding process.

Sensors and electrical components are used not only in industrial manufacturing, but also in automation engineering or daily use. Lingke ultrasonic welding is particularly suitable for its production and can meet all product requirements.

welding machine

Sensors, Switches
In all fields of automation, optical, inductive and capacitive sensors are used in millions of applications. Lingke ultrasonic welding meets the requirements for perfect surface finish, scratch-free display panels, tightness and reliable operation of electronic components.

Outer Cover
The highest quality and design requirements apply especially to the outer covers. These include strength and tightness, absolute dimensional accuracy, high-quality and scratch-free surface finish, and crisp welds.

Electrical equipment

Electrical Equipment
In addition to the housing and display components, electronic components can also be incorporated by welding or riveting. Lingke ultrasonic welding technology allows energy to be delivered directly into the joint area. This operation is only possible during the actual welding process and ensures a firm connection between the load plate and the housing. This approach avoids putting sensitive electronic components at risk.

Cables And Quick Plug Systems
Plugs and terminal strips are high-quality safety components used in electrical equipment, electronic components and electrical installations. The solid and trouble-free connection of the contacts ensures trouble-free mating and safe current flow. The method of joining contacts via Lingke ultrasonic technology allows for joining different types of materials.



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