Application of Lingke Ultrasonic Welding Seal on Packaging

Sealing with a Lingke ultrasonic welder is ideal for packaging solutions in the food industry.

sealing and welding

Great looks, long shelf life and 100% airtight – these are the standards for manufacturers and consumers alike. Therefore, this type of seal is especially suitable for:

▪ Thermoplastic film for bags, such as salads on a refrigerated shelf or bagged ready-to-eat foods

▪ Tubes, covers, and cups, such as the tops on the ends of yogurt jars or toothpaste tubes

▪ Thermoplastic coated cartons, such as beverage cartons

▪Air valves on membrane/filter materials, e.g. degassing valves for coffee bean packaging

▪Screw caps on coated cartons/films, e.g. packaging milk

How Ultrasonic Seals Work:

The welding tool (base or horn) focuses ultrasonic energy on the location to be welded and generates frictional heat. The sealing time is between 100 and 200 milliseconds.
In contrast to heat sealing, the heat required by ultrasonic technology is only generated within the materials to be welded. These tools keep cool and help heat escape. The hot seam strength (strength of the weld without cooling after welding) is significantly higher than other welding methods.



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