Application of Servo Ultrasonic Welding Machine in Medical Industry

As people’s quality of life gradually improves, people pay more and more attention to their own bodies, and the technical level of the medical industry is highly valued. Although the development prospects of the medical industry are broad, the future trend is full of challenges.

As we all know, the requirements for medical devices and medical supplies produced in the medical industry are very strict. On the road to development, the medical industry needs to increase technological research and development and innovation, introduce new products, and improve product quality and technical level.

Servo ultrasonic welding machines are widely used in the medical industry, such as medical equipment, medical packaging, etc. Due to the high hygiene requirements of medical products, ultrasonic welding machines can achieve dust-free and pollution-free welding to ensure product cleanliness. Today we will talk about servo ultrasonic welding machines in the medical industry.

Medical product

Advantages of servo ultrasonic welding machine in medical devices
1. Improve the quality and efficiency of medical devices. Ultrasonic welding is very fast, which can greatly shorten the welding time and improve production efficiency.
2. Improve the safety and reliability of medical devices. Because the solder joints of ultrasonic welding are very strong, they can effectively prevent medical devices from breaking and loosening during use.
3. Save time and cost. The servo ultrasonic welding machine can automate and intelligentize the production process, thus greatly saving production time and costs.
4. Lingke servo ultrasonic welding machine can laminate or punch different materials in medical dressings together to ensure that they are breathable, sterile and soft. The introduction of tiny amounts of energy during ultrasonic welding will not damage the product’s absorption capacity and feel.
5. Environmentally friendly. Since it does not require the use of any welding materials and does not produce any waste or pollutants, it can save companies a lot of environmental costs.

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