Application of Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Equipment in Auto Part Industry

Aiming at the development goal of “lighter, safer, better performance and lower cost” for automotive products. The current automotive welding technology is rapidly expanding on the basis of traditional material welding. And is moving towards more advanced “precision welding manufacturing” direction development.

Among them, the ultrasonic plastic welding technology can processed and formed at one time. Which can give full play to the advantages of plastic performance, and put it into production with higher precision and high hardness.

Dark luxury car Interior – steering wheel, shift lever and dashboard. Car inside. Beige comfortable seats, steering wheel, dashboard, climate control, speedometer, display.

In auto parts industry, welding is the key link in auto parts and body manufacturing. Which plays a connecting role. At the same time, the automobile product model is numerous, forming structure is complex. Parts welding needs more professional and standardized production. Automobile production in the quality, efficiency and cost of comprehensive requirements are rising. Have decided the automotive welding processing needs to advance with The Times of welding technology – Ultrasonic Welding.

At present, ultrasonic plastic welding technology has been successfully used in automobile bumper welding. Instrument panel and instrument panel welding, brake lights, airbags, car tool boxes, car door panels and other engine-related parts manufacturing industries.

In recent years, many traditional metal parts have also begun to replaced by plastics. Such as intake manifolds, instrument needles, radiator reinforcements, fuel tanks, filters, etc. The continuous growth and leap-forward development of domestic auto brand manufacturers have provided a very good opportunity for the application and research of new technologies in the field of welding. Ultrasonic welding equipment with low energy consumption, high efficiency, non-toxic and non-polluting will help the development of the auto parts industry!

Principle of Ultrasonic Welding

Ultrasonic welding is a high technology that can applied to all hot melt plastic products. No need solvent, adhesive or other auxiliary materials. Improve productivity, low cost, improve product quality and production safety.

Ultrasonic welding. It converts the mains AC (190-240V, 50/60Hz) into high-frequency high-voltage signals through the power supply box, and then converts the signals into high-frequency mechanical vibrations through the converter system, and adds them to the plastic products. High-speed friction occurs between the two parts of the plastic product, and the temperature rises. When the temperature reaches the melting point of the product itself, the joint of the product melts rapidly. And the product is cooled and shaped under a certain pressure, so as to achieve perfect welding.



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