Automotive Headlight Ultrasonic Welding Machine Applications

Do you know how to weld car headlights?
Automotive headlights are welded using ultrasonic welding technology, ultrasonic welding machine will be two plastic products welded together, our common plastic welding welding products such as ABS, PC and other plastic materials can be welded, ultrasonic welding and can be based on the size of the headlights, the shape of the head to take the appropriate welding horn welding. Ultrasonic welding firm, air tightness test to meet customer requirements, more efficient and convenient.

Automotive headlight welding

The principle of ultrasonic welding machine
Through the ultrasonic power box will be transformed into a high-frequency high-voltage signal, and then through the transducer system into high-frequency mechanical vibration, vibration effect on the plastic material to be welded; through the surface of the plastic products and in the intermolecular friction and make the transfer to the interface of the temperature rises when the temperature reaches the melting point of the product itself, so that the interface of the plastic products quickly melted, and then fill the gap between the interface when the vibration stops, the products at the same time under a certain pressure cooling and shaping, it will achieve the effect of welding. When the vibration stops, the product is cooled and shaped under a certain pressure, and then the welding effect is achieved.

Ultrasonic plastic welding is good or bad depending on the amplitude of the transducer welding horn, the pressure and welding time and other three factors, welding time and welding horn pressure can be adjusted, the amplitude of the transducer and amplitude lever decision. These three quantities interact with a suitable value, energy more than the appropriate value, the amount of plastic melting is large, the weld is easy to deform; if the energy is small, it is not easy to weld, the added pressure can not be too large.

platic welder

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