Automotive Lighting Revolution-Lingke Ultrasonic Wave to Overturn the Traditional Welding Mode!

Throughout the entire automotive development history of more than 100 years, automotive lighting products as the relationship between vehicle recognition and driving safety equipment, and continue to carry out “disruptive innovation”, to bring safer and more personalized lighting effects for car owners.

In the era of lamp intelligence, manufacturers need to think about how to transform lighting tools into part of the driver assistance system. The only way to win new development opportunities is to have lamps that combine the needs of lamp intelligence, safety and aesthetics. However, the continuous innovation of lamp component design also brings manufacturers the difficulty of welding and assembly.

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With 30 years of experience in the welding field, Lingke Ultrasonic is committed to leading the development of ultrasonic plastic welding technology in China, and is able to provide automotive headlight manufacturers with safe, reliable, and highly efficient plastic welding solutions. Lingke ultrasonic plastic welding, hot plate welding, vibration friction welding, laser welding and other core technologies can realize the needs of automotive headlight manufacturers for welding plastic parts with more complex structures and more beautiful appearance, helping manufacturers to effectively increase production scale and reduce assembly complexity and cost.

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01 Ultrasonic plastic welding: uniform and reliable welding, small deformation, can be the fashionable appearance of the lamp trend modeling and cutting-edge functions into one.
02 Hot plate welding: welding without vibration damage, realizing debris-free and high-strength welding, suitable for headlight components that require beautiful appearance but complex structure.
03 Vibration friction welding: supports plastic welding of large or irregularly shaped thermoplastic workpieces with no special requirements on plastic type, providing more options for material joining design.
04 Laser welding: the shape and size of the laser beam can be adjusted, good flexibility, can be fast, accurate welding, the need for fast and chic through the tail lamp is particularly suitable.

The only way to increase market share is to innovate and break through to meet market consumer demand. Lingke Ultrasonics has a wide range of equipment models to help manufacturers of automotive lamp components develop new welding methods and provide optimal welding solutions according to the characteristics of the products to be welded.



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