Basic Knowledge of “Ultrasonic Welding Machine” Equipment

In the ultrasonic industry applications, most of the applications of the equipment is ultrasonic welding machine. One reason is that ultrasonic welding machines are specialized and feature-rich for a wide range of applications, and the second reason is that ultrasonic welding machines work well with assembly lines.


The principle of ultrasonic welding machine is the same as that of ultrasonic manual welding gun (handheld welding machine), the electric energy is converted into mechanical energy through ultrasonic generator (intelligent electric box).
The difference is that the ultrasonic welding machine includes a body, a frame, a machine head and an intelligent electric box, and it can be equipped with larger fixtures and more stable parameters, which can be well suited to different scenario areas. Moreover, ultrasonic welding technology does not need to add any auxiliary materials, so it is also very friendly to the clean room.

Ultrasonic welding machines are subdivided according to the functional applicability: ultrasonic plastic welding machine, ultrasonic metal welding machine, riveting point fusion welding machine, ultrasonic excision machine and so on. And according to the welding of different product requirements, frequency, power is not the same. General welding of large workpiece selection 15kHz, in the selection of ultrasonic welding machine commonly used frequency is 20kHz, for welding precision workpiece is 35kHz.

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Ultrasonic welding machine has perfect function and stable parameters, so it is loved by customers. If you need to build a stable and efficient ultrasonic assembly line, then ultrasonic welding machine is a very good choice. Lingke ultrasonics plastic welding machine manufacturer has 30 years of experience in ultrasonic welding. Our products are widely used in various fields: automotive plastic parts, medical equipment, household appliances, non-woven fabrics, etc., providing various companies with high-quality, stable welding solutions.

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