Can Ultrasonic Plastic Welding be Waterproof?

Can ultrasonic plastic welding be waterproof? I believe this is an issue that many manufacturers are concerned about. After all, it is related to product design, cost and other issues.

Lingke Ultrasonic’s answer: Using Lingke’s ultrasonic welding technology, it can be waterproof.
Generally speaking, whether ultrasonic plastic welding is waterproof depends on the comprehensive effect of many factors such as the selection of plastic materials, the design of plastic parts, and the welding process parameters.
Lingke Ultrasonic can provide you with higher performance ultrasonic plastic welding equipment and technical application solutions tailored to your needs to solve waterproofing problems.

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Waterproof material selection
From a material point of view, it is easier to achieve waterproofing requirements using amorphous plastics; it is more difficult to achieve waterproofing requirements for semi-crystalline plastics.

Plastic parts design
①The larger the size of the ultrasonic line, the better the waterproof performance.
② There must be a closed ultrasonic line design on the entire welding surface; at the corners of the ultrasonic line, a rounded corner design is required to avoid accumulation of ultrasonic molten material and affect the welding quality.
③Compared with the basic type, it is better to use groove type and shear type welding surfaces.
④ The two welded plastic parts need to be positioned accurately.
⑤ Avoid complex ultrasonic welding surfaces such as uneven and large gaps.
⑥Consider adding a sealing ring

Welding process parameters
In order to ensure the waterproof performance of welding, the first principle of setting welding process parameters is to increase the welding energy. However, excessive welding energy may cause defects such as breakage and damage of plastic parts, surface burns, and overflow. It is necessary to balance both strike a balance between.


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