China’s First Ultrasonic Industry Applied to Consumable Products

The technology of ultrasonic plastic welding is closely related to consumable products, and Lingke has also accompanied and witnessed the development of the consumable industry in recent years. LINGKE ULTRASONICS CO., LTD. (referred to as Lingke Ultrasonic) from Zhuhai, Guangdong is one of the best.The company has been committed to the research and development and manufacturing of high-performance ultrasonic plastic welding equipment, and has more than 20 years of expertise in manufacturing ultrasonic equipment. As an earlier ultrasonic equipment manufacturer in China, Lingke has an efficient and well-established R&D and manufacturing team that has invented and created more than 100 professional new technologies.

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Lingke Ultrasonic has been serving the consumables industry in Zhuhai since its establishment. It started with welding toner cartridges. The toner cartridge inside the toner cartridge required ultrasonic welding. The first toner cartridge in China that entered the market was welded by Tianwei Enterprise in Zhuhai using Lingke ultrasonic machines, followed by ribbons, ink cartridges, etc.


After years of development in Zhuhai, companies such as Tianwei, Yunma (now Zhongrun Jingjie), Nastar, and Gree Magneto (now Gemeida) have emerged like spring rain in the field of ink cartridges, toner cartridges, and ribbons. Come out, Lingke Ultrasonic is meticulous in this industry and vigorously reduces equipment costs for these companies. From the beginning of foreign laser welding and vibration friction, a laser and vibration friction machine cost two to three million, and then we cooperated with Lingke to develop ultrasonic welding, and the cost was reduced to one-tenth.

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Lingke focuses on R&D and assets and actively cooperates with consumable companies in Zhuhai to develop and reduce their bulging and disconnection processes, thereby reducing the overall cost. Lingke Ultrasonic has grown with the consumables industry, and it has also brought great success to the consumables industry. On the way to Zhuhai becoming the world capital of printing consumables, Lingke Ultrasonic has accompanied the growth of the consumable industry.



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