How Does Ultrasonic Welding Technology Help Electronic Products Achieve Miniaturization And Light Weight?

In the electronic product structure design tends to miniaturization, product assembly requirements tend to fine today. How to ensure that both to achieve the small electronic product plastic housing packaging. But also to take into account its product performance and appearance has become a major manufacturer’s headache.

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But the traditional plastic packaging technology has many defects (such as high cost, low performance, fragile, etc.). So according to the packaging of such products to take into account the structure of the product. The reliability of the process and production efficiency, the market urgently needs a more economical. More durable electronic plastic housing packaging technology.

Currently Common Traditional Packaging Processes

Buckle design: simple operation, low production cost. But low product strength and average reliability.


Screw design: simple and convenient. But more accessories are required in the processing process. Although the mechanical strength is high, the sealing of the product package is average.


Adhesive design: Good compatibility with shell materials and sizes, but high cost, long cycle time, and general performance.

Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Technology

Different from the traditional shell packaging process, ultrasonic plastic welding technology is widely used in the shell packaging of small electronic products such as chargers due to its significant process advantages.

No Consumables Required, Energy Saving and Environmental Protection

Lingke ultrasonics welding process does not need to add solvents or other auxiliary products, but converts electrical energy into mechanical energy through converter, which drives the high-speed friction between the plastic shells of small electronic products to be welded and melts, and cools and sets under pressure; at the same time No harmful gas will be produced during the processing, clean and pollution-free.

Can be Integrated With Automated Production Lines to Achieve Fast and Efficient Production

Lingke ultrasonics welding processing speed is fast, and the welding time of a single product can be adjusted from 0.01 to 9.99 seconds; the welding process is simple and the operation is simple, which greatly saves labor costs, improves production efficiency, and realizes fast and efficient production.

High Welding Yield Rate and Stable Quality

Welding parameters can be tracked and monitored through the supporting software system. At the same time, some models support data export to help customers improve welding quality.



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