Different Types of “Ultrasonic Transducers”

We all know that the core component of the ultrasonic plastic welder contains ultrasonic transducer (converter), which ultrasonic transducer is also different types of distinction. Ultrasonic transducer (converter) is divided into open and closed two kinds:

Open: For a given sound pressure, an open receiver achieves a greater electrical output, it is highly sensitive; when used as an output, it can output a greater amount of mechanical vibration energy for the same drive voltage, i.e., it is highly efficient and has a greater bandwidth.

Enclosed: The transmitter is designed to have a low impedance at the resonant frequency for high mechanical operating efficiency. The receiver maximizes impedance at the specified anti-resonance frequency to provide high electrical efficiency. Moreover, the enclosed type is used in dusty locations such as outdoors.

20kHz 1500W 2000W 3000W

In the unpolarized piezoelectric ceramics, the electric domains are arranged haphazardly and the ceramics have no piezoelectricity; after polarization, the chaotic electric domains become orderly arrangement, and then have piezoelectricity.

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