Electronic Product Assembly And Welding, Lingke Ultrasonic Brings a New Generation of Manufacturing Solutions

In an increasingly interconnected world, electronic components and devices are critical points from computing, communications, mass production, and energy storage to environmental control and entertainment. In search of next-generation manufacturing solutions, electronics manufacturers can choose from Lingke’s range of ultrasonic, laser, vibration, riveting and cleaning technologies for flexible, efficient, high-volume welding solutions that are competitive in a rapidly changing environment .

laptop power adapter isolated on white background

Devices, chargers and adapters

Mass production of compact chargers for power-hungry devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops requires the ability to connect plastics and conductive metals with high strength and reliability. Lingke Ultrasonic provides proven solutions from material selection and connection design to data-driven quality management and performance testing.

VR Smart devices Virtual reality

VR/AR equipment

Virtual reality and augmented reality products combine futuristic sense and ergonomics to provide users with realistic sights, audiovisuals and perceptions. From the display unit, cameras, frames and lenses, to handheld controllers and speakers, assembly quality and aesthetics are crucial. Using Lingke ultrasonic technology combines precision and productivity, assembling products without the use of fasteners, adhesives or consumables.

Electronic component

IoT electronic components

Building the Internet of Things (IoT) requires electronic components such as PCBs, switches, actuators, motor controls, flow/pressure/temperature sensors, etc. to capture and transmit operational data with computer-like accuracy and flawlessly in industrial equipment and consumer devices. run on ground. Lingke’s ultrasonic metal and plastic welding solutions help you produce robust electronic components in high volumes with consistent quality.



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