Electronic Product Assembly And Welding, Lingke Ultrasonic Brings New Manufacturing Solutions

With the emergence of new technologies such as the Internet of Things and big data, market demands are constantly changing. From computing, communications, mass production, energy storage to environmental control and entertainment, electronic components and equipment are key points.

In search of next-generation manufacturing solutions, electronics manufacturers can choose from Lingke’s range of ultrasonic, laser, vibration, riveting and cleaning technologies for flexible, efficient, high-volume welding solutions that are competitive in a rapidly changing environment .

15kHz ultrasonic plastic welder

Electronic component

Electronic components and equipment

Electronic components and systems that support cellular networks and device communications, navigation and driver assistance systems, factory and home automation, and more make our world more orderly, safe, and run as planned. Linke’s ultrasonic welding and pulse riveting technologies can integrate these components , subcomponents and systems are interconnected and mass produced.

lithium batteries

Lithium-ion batteries for electronic equipment

Compact lithium batteries power today’s computers, smartphones, watches, cameras and other digital devices. On the one hand, consumers will not doubt the quality and safety of lithium-ion batteries. On the other hand, manufacturers are working hard every day to produce batteries with better functionality and safety, higher efficiency and lower cost.

The application development knowledge and process innovation provided by Lingke Ultrasonic can increase production, improve quality, optimize uptime, and help manufacturers win in a highly competitive environment.



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