Forging New Quality Productivity, The Industry’s First Lingke Ultrasonic in Action

This spring, “new productivity” became a hot word and attracted great attention. The industry believes that leading the development of strategic emerging industries and accelerating the formation of new productive forces have become the top priority for high-quality economic development.

The person in charge of Zhuhai Lingke Ultrasonics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Lingke Ultrasonic), the first-tier enterprise in China’s ultrasonic welding industry, said in an exclusive interview with reporters that new quality productivity plays a positive role in the development of enterprises and can make new breakthroughs, new layouts, and new Plan these three “new” performances.


New Breakthrough
The key to developing new productive forces is to seize the “big nose” of scientific and technological innovation and achieve revolutionary technological breakthroughs, thereby opening up new development tracks and shaping new development advantages. The person in charge of Lingke Ultrasonic said: “Lingke Ultrasonic has always adhered to core technology research and development and continuous independent innovation. After more than thirty years of intensive cultivation, it has obtained more than a hundred scientific research patents. The servo ultrasonic welding machine launched adopts a servo stroke control system. Integrating the latest cutting-edge ultrasonic welding technology, the precision can reach 5 μm, which can meet the needs of most ultrasonic welding applications, establishing the company’s leading position in the field of ultrasonic welding.”


New Layout:
Developing new productive forces does not mean ignoring or abandoning traditional industries, but using new technologies to transform and upgrade traditional industries and actively promote high-end, intelligent, and green industries.
When traditional industries transform and upgrade, new concepts, new models, new technologies, new elements, etc. must be adopted. It is understood that the servo ultrasonic welding equipment launched by Lingke Ultrasonic uses servo motors, breaking the limitations of using traditional pneumatic ultrasonic welding machines. The welding strength obtained is comparable to the main body, filling the technical gap of domestic high-end ultrasonic welding equipment and promoting the industrial structure. Further optimization and further improvement of the quality of industrial development will help China’s manufacturing move towards high-end, intelligent and green manufacturing.

New Plan
Technology is the primary productive force, talent is the primary resource, and innovation is the primary driving force. To develop new productive forces, we must smooth the virtuous cycle of education, technology, and talents, and create an innovative environment that stimulates the vitality of talents.

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Talent is the driving force behind an enterprise’s independent innovation capabilities. It is reported that Lingke Ultrasonic develops and attracts talents through multiple efforts, uses industry-university-research cooperation to carry out in-depth integration of industry and education, and provides graduates with an attractive development platform. At the same time, it implements the company’s internal talent training plan to create a full-cycle, all-round The hierarchical and all-category talent training method gathers strong talent support for new quality productivity.

The characteristic of new quality productivity is innovation, the key is high quality, and the essence is advanced productivity. By cultivating new productive forces and pinpointing the weak links that are “stuck” and “broken”, and promoting China’s manufacturing industry to overcome shortcomings, Lingke Ultrasonic has been taking action. It is precisely because of the existence of these enterprises that it will drive China’s economy to the “new “And do it.



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