High-end Ultrasonic Welding Machine, The First National Brand Lingke Ultrasonic

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of industrialization and continuous technological innovation, my country has become the world’s largest welding market. The level of welding technology has continued to improve, and the welding industry has developed rapidly, gradually moving towards “efficiency, automation, and intelligence.”

Recently, LINGKE ULTRASONICS CO., LTD. (referred to as Lingke Ultrasonic) released a new series of independently developed and designed servo ultrasonic welding machine models: L3000 ServoⅡ, L3000 ServoⅠ and L3000 Servo ES, thus declaring to be the first domestic company to master servo control. Pressure ultrasonic welding technology company.

According to the relevant technical person in charge, the newly launched servo ultrasonic series models all adopt the intelligent servo ultrasonic control system independently developed by Lingke, and are matched with high-precision servo motor drives for fully closed-loop control, which can improve the repeatability and accuracy of the welding process. , the welding accuracy of up to 0.005mm and “one-stop” quality control are very exciting.

Two new welding modes: multi-stroke mode for welding the same product and Xn mode for welding different products on the same circulation line, making this servo ultrasonic welding machine series more widely used and more flexible.

In addition, this series of models can seamlessly connect to MES systems and access WiFi/4G wireless networks, enabling remote operation and maintenance of the entire machine system. It can help enterprises build a complete production information system and improve the speed of enterprise production. Response capability.

As we all know, my country’s ultrasonic industrial application started late, and the high-end ultrasonic welding market has long been monopolized by European companies. The servo ultrasonic plastic welding machine series released by Lingke Ultrasonic, the first national brand, can be said to be a breakthrough in domestic ultrasonic plastic welding technology. This means that domestic ultrasonic plastic welding machines will soon replace European and American high-end ultrasonic machines.



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