High-Quality Development, Lingke Ultrasonic Promotes the Transformation And Upgrading of The Automotive Industry

As an emerging industry, new energy vehicles are promoting the upgrading of the automobile industry in the direction of high-end, intelligent and green. New energy vehicles and parts manufacturing companies have been introduced from various places, and Lingke Ultrasonic has injected new impetus into the development of the automotive industry.

New energy vehicle

Ultrasonic plastic welder welds auto parts

The welding requirements for auto parts are particularly stringent. With the development of new energy technology, more welding processes will be applied in the future. Lingke Ultrasonic can provide customized services according to customer needs and the characteristics of different products (such as cutting-edge plastic welding, metal welding, laser welding and infrared welding technical support, etc.), providing one-stop solutions for auto parts manufacturers to create high-quality auto parts to meet the development and assembly needs of cars and help customers stay ahead in industry changes. status.

Car taillight


Reducing vehicle body weight is a key goal for automakers. Lingke’s ultrasonic welding technology can help manufacturers achieve this goal and ensure higher output. Using vibration welding technology, the manifold can be made using two halves joined together instead of having to be molded as a single piece. This reduces costs and shortens cycle times.

In modern automobile manufacturing, the connection of cables and contacts is indispensable, especially when ensuring high power transmission in cable harnesses. Ultrasound is used to solder copper or aluminum cables with cross sections up to 150 mm² to terminals.

New energy vehicle

High frequency ultrasonic welding machine

Lingke ultrasonic welding can ensure a strong connection without losing conductivity, making it an ideal technology to meet market demand. Lingke Ultrasonic provides a range of welding technologies that help automakers around the world reduce vehicle weight and emissions and create lighter, more fuel-efficient vehicles.



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