How Does the Generator of An Ultrasonic Welding Machine Require Routine Maintenance?

Did you know? Daily maintenance of production equipment, not only can reduce the frequency of failure, to avoid affecting the efficiency of work and production efficiency, but also to extend the service life of the equipment, to save the cost of updating equipment. Therefore, do a good job of routine maintenance of production equipment, is an important and necessary measures.
What do you need to pay attention to the daily maintenance of the ultrasonic welding machine’s generator?

ultrasonic generator

① Cut off the power: Before maintaining the distribution box, the power must be cut off to ensure safe operation and avoid accidents during maintenance.
② Cleaning: Remove the shell and use the air gun to clean the dust and debris inside the generator. The air inlet and outlet part is the key cleaning area to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

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③ High-voltage port: the port part needs to be cleaned. If the high-voltage port is found to have insulating paint peeling off, this indicates that there is already a problem, and it is recommended to replace it because the high-voltage port generates a high voltage of 1,000~2,500V when it is in operation, which is related to the safety of the production, and therefore the paint peeling problem should not be disregarded or trivialized.
④Port Inspection: The port below the high voltage port is the part that controls the fan, solenoid valve, and start switch, and needs to be kept in a clean condition to ensure proper contact.

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⑤ Segmenter: Turns from 0 to 6 to ensure a smooth turning process.
⑥Check the cable head and junction stake head: Make sure the cable head and junction stake head are firm and reliable, without looseness or damage.
⑦ Check the indicator light: Make sure the indicator light is functioning properly so that the power status can be monitored in real time.

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