How much do you know about the application of servo ultrasonic welding machine in printing consumables?

With the continuous progress of printing technology and printing consumables in the market demand for diversification, the traditional way of printing equipment assembly often rely on screws, glue and other means of connection, which is not only inefficient, but also difficult to ensure the stability and durability of the equipment.
The servo ultrasonic welding machine can realize the rapid and accurate connection of its plastic parts, which greatly improves the sealing and stability of the consumable products.

Servo ultrasonic welding machines are increasingly used in the manufacture of printing consumables. Whether it is ink cartridges, toner cartridges or ribbons, the use of servo ultrasonic welding machines can achieve seamless connections between consumable components, effectively prevent ink or toner leakage, and greatly improve the assembly efficiency and quality of the equipment.

ultrasonic welder

Servo ultrasonic welding cartridge, ribbon

LINGKE servo ultrasonic welding machine in the application of printing consumables

Ink cartridge manufacturing: servo ultrasonic welding technology can be used for ink cartridges plastic parts welding, improve the sealing and precision of the cartridge, simple and fast operation, reduce pollution and improve efficiency.

Ribbon Manufacturing: Ribbon printing supplies can be used servo ultrasonic welding and become, improve product quality and production efficiency.

Printer Drum Unit Manufacturing: The printer drum unit is the main core component of the printer toner cartridge, which is welded by servo ultrasonic plastic welder to improve the overall sealing and precision, without adding any glue, simple and fast operation, reduce pollution and improve efficiency.

In addition, the ultrasonic welding machine can also be used for printing consumables in other plastic parts welding, such as ink bottles, continuous supply bottles, toner cartridges, ribbons, communication equipment, etc .

The above is the spirit of ultrasonic ultrasonic welding machine for you to introduce the servo ultrasonic welding machine in the development of printing consumables related information, if you need a deeper understanding of welding equipment, welcome to enter the company’s official website: online consulting us, we are happy to serve you!



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