How to Repair The Mecasonic Ultrasonic Welding Machine If It Breaks Down?

Mecasonic Ultrasonic, founded in 1969, is a French ultrasonic welding company, experts in the welding of thermoplastics and non-ferrous metals in industrial industries. With rich experience and a firm will to innovate, it has never stopped diversifying its development. It has 6 welding technologies: ultrasonic, rotation, hot air, hot plate, vibration and laser.

Since its establishment, Lingke Ultrasonics has been committed to the research and development and manufacturing of high-performance ultrasonic plastic welding equipment. It has 30 years of expertise in manufacturing ultrasonic equipment and is an early ultrasonic equipment manufacturer in China. If your Mecasonic Ultrasonic welding equipment breaks down, please consult online. Linke Ultrasonics can repair the faulty equipment for you. We will provide professional technical guidance to help you solve the problem.

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Mecasonic maintenance service process:
1. Consultation and understanding
When the customer calls for consultation, our technical engineers inquire about the equipment failure and make a preliminary analysis to determine the possibility of repair;
2. Troubleshooting
Our technical engineers come to the door for maintenance/via video, and troubleshoot the Mecasonic ultrasonic welding equipment, determine the cause of the failure, and provide maintenance suggestions to customers;
3. Determine the plan
Communicate with customers, solicit their opinions, and proceed to the next step after confirmation;
4. Replacement parts
If the failure of Mecasonic ultrasonic welding equipment is caused by damage to a certain part, our technical engineers will select parts with the same specifications as the original parts and replace them in strict accordance with the operating procedures;
5. Testing and debugging
Our technical engineers will test and debug the equipment to ensure normal operation of the equipment, and then the customer will make payment after confirming that the repair is successful.

Lingke Ultrasonics is the first domestic company to master servo-controlled pressure ultrasonic welding technology and has 30 years of experience in this industry. The above is the information shared by Lingke Ultrasonic. If you are interested in the above related information about the maintenance of ultrasonic welding machines, welcome to the company’s official website: for online consultation. We are always willing to answer you. If you have any questions and provide consultation, you can contact us as soon as possible.



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