How to Use Lingke Ultrasonic Welding to Provide Reliable Connections for Automotive Exteriors

To keep pace with the rapidly evolving global automotive market, automakers and component suppliers continue to develop lightweight, cost-effective automotive plastic components to optimize strength, style options and performance.

Lingke Ultrasonic’s perfect plastic welding technology provides mature high-volume component assembly solutions, providing durability and performance unmatched by processes such as adhesives or fasteners, thereby reducing production costs.

Car taillight

More than just a basic safety device, taillights have evolved into a feature of car design. Today’s taillight designs have become larger, thicker and brighter, combining colored transparent plastics with complex curves, while embedding multiple functional light groups, sensors and electronics inside.
In order to achieve excellent strength, clean aesthetics and lasting air tightness after welding, Lingke Ultrasonic’s laser welding and clean vibration friction welding technology provide a complete solution for taillight assembly.

Luminous headlights cars

Luminous light strip
In the highly competitive automotive industry, every detail can add value to the brand. Decorative light strips on grilles, dashboards or rearview mirrors were previously only seen on luxury cars. Now, Lingke Ultrasonic’s laser and vibration friction welding technology makes these complex-shaped components (such as transparent plastics, LEDs, sensors, etc.) , electronic equipment) becomes reliable and economical.



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