In Which Industries Can “Ultrasonic Plastic Welder” be Used?

Ultrasonic plastic welding machines can be used in many places in life, such as printing supplies, medical care, auto parts, electronic telecommunications, household appliances, packaging, toys, stationery, daily necessities, etc.

Auto parts
Ultrasonic waves can be controlled by computer programs to weld large or irregular workpieces such as bumpers, front and rear doors, lamps, brake lights, etc. With the development of high-end roads, ultrasonic welding is increasingly used for reflectors.

Luminous headlights cars

Home appliances
Through certain design and mold customization, the welding machine can be used for: portable fluorescent lamp shades, steam ironing doors, TV casings, radio and tape recorder transparent panels, power rectifiers, TV casing screw holders, mosquito-reducing lamp casings, washing machine dehydration sinks, etc. Sealed, strong and beautiful home appliances.

Electronic products such as USB flash drives, chargers, sockets, and computer cases are designed using ultrasonic automation solutions to enable users to achieve large-scale production while ensuring product quality requirements.

USB-C Type cable connector

Ultrasonic welding machines can be used for common canteen disposable bowls, milk cartons, etc., as well as the sealing of hoses and the connection of special packaging straps.

Stationery and toys industry
Round, square, and irregular-shaped stationery and toys can all be welded with welding machines. Due to the use of ultrasonic technology, the products are clean, efficient, and strong, eliminating the need for screws, adhesives, glues, or other auxiliary products, reducing production costs and making the products more durable. The competitiveness of enterprises in the market has been greatly enhanced.

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