India Servo Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine Propulsion Cross-flow Wind Blade Technical Support

With the development of science and technology, the emergence of intelligent air conditioners enables people to control the indoor environment more conveniently and enjoy a more intelligent life. In the process of air conditioner manufacturing, the cross-flow wind blade plays a crucial role in the manufacturing of air conditioners.
The balance of the crossflow wind blade directly affects the noise level and operational stability of the air conditioner. Indian servo ultrasonic plastic welding machine in the application of cross-flow wind blade shows its high efficiency, high precision and high quality welding characteristics, for air conditioners and other equipment manufacturing provides strong technical support.

ultrasonic welder

Principle of LINGKE ultrasonic plastic welding machine
Lingke servo ultrasonic plastic welding machine through the generator to produce high-frequency, high-pressure signals, converted to high-frequency mechanical vibration by the transducer system, the role of plastic products on the workpiece. Through the surface of the workpiece and intermolecular friction, so that the interface temperature rises, when the temperature reaches the melting point of the workpiece, the interface of the workpiece quickly melted and filled in the gap between the interface. Cooling and shaping under a certain pressure, to achieve high-quality welding.

Advantages of ultrasonic plastic welding machine in the application of cross-flow wind blade
High welding efficiency: ultrasonic plastic welding technology can realize rapid welding without preheating or cooling process, which significantly improves the production efficiency. In the production of cross-flow air blades, this high efficiency can greatly shorten the production cycle and reduce production costs.

ultrasonic plastic welding machine in the application of cross-flow wind blade

High welding quality: ultrasonic welding utilizes the heat energy generated by high-frequency vibration to weld, with precise temperature control at the welding interface and stable and reliable welding quality. This welding method can effectively avoid the traditional welding methods may produce porosity, cracks and other defects, to ensure the performance and service life of the cross-flow wind blade.

Environmentally friendly and non-polluting: The ultrasonic welding process does not require the addition of any welding materials, such as wire, flux, etc., and therefore does not produce harmful substances or exhaust pollution. This is in line with the modern manufacturing industry for environmental protection and sustainable development requirements

Strong adaptability: the ultrasonic welding machine can adapt to the welding needs of cross-flow wind blades of different materials and thicknesses. By adjusting the welding parameters, different types of welding can be realized, such as spot welding, continuous welding, etc., to meet different production needs.

Easy to operate: ultrasonic welding machine has automatic feeding, automatic welding and automatic protection functions, easy and convenient to operate. Workers only need simple training to start operation, reducing the requirements for workers’ skills.

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