Learn How to Use Lingke Ultrasonic Welding LED Car Lights in One Minute

We often see a variety of car lights. In fact, these car lights are closely connected with ultrasonic plastic welding machines, because ultrasonic plastic welding can weld plastic car light shells together to form a complete car light cover. So, let Lingke Ultrasonic take you to understand how the LED car light housing is welded.


The LED headlights of pure electric vehicles are mainly composed of six parts: acrylic mask, ABS cover, chip LED lamp beads, moisture-proof soft rubber fixed rocker and ABS rear. In order to better achieve the waterproof level of turning into a signal indicator light, many aspects must be paid attention to during the production, processing and production process.

back car light.

Due to its tightness requirements, it must be used in conjunction with ultrasonic welding equipment during assembly. Getting rid of the original plywood method not only solves the problem of high efficiency, but also ensures environmental protection and cleanup of the production line.

The following aspects should be paid attention to during the welding production process:
1. When making ultrasonic welding joints, a 1mm gap must be left based on the three-dimensional diagram. Excessive transition fit will easily scratch the product surface and affect the appearance during the welding process.

2. In manufacturing, it involves the problem of using two special tools for one product, because two molds are required for complete assembly, and when assembling the mold, attention must be paid to the consistency and adjustment of the surface in contact with the product. Ultrasonic welding machine.

Spike welding

3. Considering productivity, it is necessary to rotate and weld to form an upgraded version of the special tool, which not only improves efficiency but also reduces human investment.

Lingke Ultrasonic is the first domestic high-tech enterprise to master servo-controlled pressure ultrasonic welding technology. It has a technical team with 30 years of experience in R&D and manufacturing of ultrasonics, and is committed to the development, manufacturing and digestion of Swiss technology for high-end performance ultrasonic plastic welding equipment.



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