Lingke Servo Ultrasonic Welding Machine Helps The Auto Parts Industry Upgrade And Iterate

In the automobile industry, welding is a key part in the manufacturing of automobile parts and bodywork, affecting the safety, comfort and aesthetics of the entire vehicle.
Among them, ultrasonic plastic welding technology plays an indispensable role in the assembly process of plastic parts due to its high efficiency, accuracy, aesthetics and other characteristics. The reporter learned more deeply and found that the servo ultrasonic plastic welding equipment of LINGKE ULTRASONICS CO., LTD · Zhuhai. (hereinafter referred to as “Lingke Ultrasonic”) has been widely used in auto parts processing and manufacturing production lines.

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It is understood that Lingke Ultrasonic, which has 31 years of experience in ultrasonic welding, has responded quickly and actively deployed in response to the growing market demand in the auto parts assembly industry. The servo ultrasonic welding equipment it has launched can be used for plastics with high precision and high strength requirements. Welding has become the best choice for auto parts manufacturers in the welding of plastic parts.

Demand guides development, and technology drives progress. The auto parts industry is the premise and foundation that supports the development of the automobile industry, and is also an important part of the automobile industry chain. Auto parts manufacturers need to continuously improve their brand recognition, technical strength, and production scale in order to quickly seize market share.

The person in charge of the supply chain of an auto parts manufacturer interviewed this time said: “Lingke ultrasonic servo welding machine integrates a variety of welding control technologies and can be selected according to different products and different welding parameters to easily achieve high productivity, high quality, Highly consistent welding results help us increase production scale, reduce assembly complexity and costs, establish product advantages, and stand out in the market.”

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According to official data, in 2022, the number of cars owned by 1,000 people in my country will be 226, which is about one-third of that of European countries such as Germany and France. Therefore, from a development perspective, China’s automobile sales still have large room for growth. We believe that Lingke Ultrasonic will promote industrial innovation with technological innovation and inject continuous development momentum into the automotive industry.



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