Lingke Ultrasonic First Article to Share the Growth History of Ultrasonic Welding

With the continuous development of the domestic new energy automobile industry, the demand for welding technology in the automotive industry is also constantly upgrading. The materials, structure and process used in new energy vehicles are different from traditional cars, so more efficient, environmentally friendly and economic welding technology is needed to meet the production needs.

In this context, ultrasonic welding technology, as an efficient, environmentally friendly and economic welding method, is gradually favored by the automotive industry. The technology has the characteristics of high quality, high efficiency, low cost and no pollution, and is suitable for the production of automotive interior panels, power batteries, motors and other components.

In fact, the development of ultrasonic welding technology has only been a few decades. The earliest ultrasonic welding technology was proposed by Jones and others in the United States in 1956. In the 1960s, the United States, Switzerland, Japan, the United Kingdom, West Germany and the Soviet Union began to study this welding technology and put it into practical application.

Because plastic welding requires a lot of power, and until the last two or three decades plastic has been widely used in practical engineering and daily life, but also until the last decade, with the development of the basic electronics industry and the successful development of high-power transducers, ultrasonic plastic welding has gradually developed.

Of course, China’s ultrasonic welding technology started later, at present, the first domestic company to master the servo control pressure ultrasonic plastic welding technology, LINGKE ULTRASONICS CO., LTD (referred to as Lingke Ultrasonic), has just been established 30 years, which is China’s earlier ultrasonic welding equipment manufacturers.

The development started late, and it will naturally fall behind the people for a while, and the high-end market of ultrasonic welding has been monopolized by European companies for a long time. Now China has become the world’s largest welding market, I hope that the private welding equipment manufacturers represented by Lingke Ultrasonic can actively innovate, pay more attention to lean manufacturing and high-end manufacturing, lead the development of China’s ultrasonic plastic welding technology, and occupy the high-end as soon as possible to become irreplaceable!



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