Lingke Ultrasonic Helps Automakers Create Lighter And More Fuel-efficient Cars

Lingke Ultrasonic provides a range of welding technologies that help automakers around the world reduce vehicle weight and emissions and create lighter, more fuel-efficient vehicles.
From manifolds to carbon canisters, Lingke Ultrasonic’s full range of welding technologies for engine room components can help automakers reduce costs and meet more stringent fuel standards. Whether using the latest advances in laser, vibration, ultrasonic and other technologies, or applying time-tested welding technologies such as hot plate, infrared, high temperature and rotation, Lingke Ultrasonic can work with you to design and implement the appropriate solution.

Car engine intake manifold

Intake Manifold
Reducing vehicle body weight is a key goal for automakers. Lingke’s ultrasonic welding technology can help manufacturers achieve this goal and ensure higher output. Using vibration welding technology, the manifold can be made using two halves joined together instead of having to be molded as a single piece. This reduces costs and shortens cycle times.

The new turbocharger for the car

Turbo Housing
By packing more components into existing cylinders, turbocharging allows automakers to make smaller piston engines equally powerful, thereby reducing emissions. Lingke Ultrasonic’s plastic welding technology can manufacture exhaust casings for turbochargers so that they can withstand harsh high-temperature and high-pressure operating conditions. The technology enables manufacturers to meet targets for reducing body weight and cost.

plastic welding machine

Lingke Ultrasonic has everything needed for the highest level of production process. It is a national high-tech enterprise, a Guangdong Provincial Specialized and New Enterprise, and a Guangdong Provincial Ultrasonic Engineering Technology Research Center. It has ISO9001 quality management system, intellectual property management system, CE certification, etc. Qualifications, we provide you with the highest quality welding results, selected tool materials and strict process control through recording software for verification and quality monitoring, as well as professional project management capabilities.



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