Lingke Ultrasonic Helps The Industrialization of Local Specialty Foods

With the wave of travel craze, various local delicacies are also presented to the public, becoming a major feature that attracts people to travel. In the eyes of tourists, food means good taste and good experience; for locals, local specialty food may be a golden business card that drives local economic development. Through industrialization, agricultural products resources and snacks with local characteristics are transformed into standard and reliable products. Traceable, portable and transportable modern food is moving from the region to the country.



Modern food is inseparable from food packaging. As the trusted welding and assembly partner of many food manufacturers, Lingke Ultrasonic can provide a series of advanced welding technologies, food cutting technologies and solutions to help local specialty food manufacturers build fast and large-scale production lines. , form comparative advantages and economies of scale, and respond to complex challenges.



Reliable sealing: Even if there are product residues in the seam area, the product residues can be pushed out of the sealing area to ensure an absolutely precise seal and reduce packaging leakage.

Higher safety: No need to add any auxiliary agents, cold tools also protect the food itself, extend the shelf life of the food, and improve the safety of use.

More energy saving and consumption reduction: The welding speed is fast, each welding is completed in a few milliseconds, the time is short, the output is high, while ensuring product quality, it also reduces waste and reduces production costs.

In addition to this, Lingke Ultrasonic can also provide ultrasonic cutting that is clean without deforming the product: Lingke ultrasonic welding head will accurately separate food without leaving any residue on the welding tool. It also prevents any smearing and provides perfect optical results.



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