Lingke Ultrasonics Helps the Sanitary Products Industry Upgrade

In daily life, sanitary products are fast-moving consumer goods. Due to their wide range of uses and the ability to provide consumers with a convenient and hygienic lifestyle, they have must-have consumption attributes. This also means that the comfort, skin-friendliness, dryness and other characteristics of sanitary products are factors that constitute consumer purchases.

As a leading company in the ultrasonic welding industry, Lingke Ultrasonic can provide sanitary product manufacturers with a series of customized professional services and equipment support. Innovative and efficient welding processes can help manufacturers maximize returns.

sanitary products

Reduce material consumption
Reduce costs and increase production
Ultrasonic welding is an efficient, clean, environmentally friendly and pollution-free assembly technology. Compared with other traditional welding processes, there is no need to use additional adhesives or other consumables. The elastic elastic bands are continuously sewn into the product through the Lingke ultrasonic plastic welding machine to achieve a welding effect without squeezing marks or side leakage. At the same time, because no adhesive is used, material consumption and related process problems are reduced, which can effectively improve product production efficiency and reduce production costs.

plastic welder L3000 ServoⅡ

Precision craftsmanship
Improve economic efficiency
When producing and processing sanitary products, continuous production technology is required, and efficiency and accuracy are important principles. Assembly efficiency, product quality, degree of wear, economy, etc. are all primary considerations. However, these factors are difficult to satisfy using conventional processes. The ultrasonic welding equipment developed by Lingke Ultrasonic can meet the multiple production needs of manufacturers.
·Storage a variety of welding recipes, saving time in setting parameters and improving assembly efficiency.
·Support MES system to reduce the scrap rate through real-time control of quality indicators.
·Supports fault self-diagnosis, which can check various switch functions of the fuselage. When a fault occurs, an alarm message can be sent out in time to reduce economic losses caused by equipment failure.

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Personalized customization
Leading a new era of consumption
As residents’ income and hygiene awareness increase, people realize that due to differences in human bodies, they have different experiences and feelings about the same hygiene product. Lingke Ultrasonic can help manufacturers quickly respond to market demand, compete with differentiation, and become an industry model.
·Forming: Lingke ultrasonic welding process is used to input energy into the welding points in a targeted manner to ensure the softness and comfort of the product.
·Cutting: With the help of Lingke ultrasonic welding equipment, multi-layer fabrics can be punched and cut while sealing the cuts without deformation due to overheating, ensuring a clean and refreshing cutting surface.
·Imprinting/Lamination: Lingke’s ultrasonic welding machine can adjust different edge banding widths according to needs, making it easy to perform precise edge banding imprinting.

As a trusted partner of sanitary products companies, Lingke Ultrasonic is committed to using advanced welding equipment and solutions to overcome welding problems for manufacturers, meet their efficient and precise production needs, and ultimately achieve the expected return on investment.



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