Lingke Ultrasonic Non-woven Fabric Welding is The First to Be Tight?

For many customers in the textile industry, ultrasonic plastic welding technology is an important tool for processing and shaping textiles and film materials. The most significant first change brought by Lingke Ultrasonic to the textile industry is the replacement of traditional sewing methods with “seamless” ultrasonic stitching technology.

non-woven fabric

It is understood that Lingke ultrasonic welding equipment is easy to control the gap between fabrics, can achieve high-speed and stable edge banding process, is suitable for different edge banding widths, supports various cutting materials, can perform edge banding operations while cutting, and supports different edge banding operations. Pattern design and many other technical advantages. Not only is the energy consumption lower, the overall welding system efficiency is higher, the finished product feels first and best, and a high degree of consistency of the finished product can be obtained.

exhibition -Servo ultrasonic welding machine

Intelligent upgrade of welding
Digital control of the entire welding process, data storage and export significantly improves welding accuracy, and significantly improves the consistency and convenience of finished products compared to traditional stitching processes.

Beautifully crafted and highly consistent
Ultrasonic plastic welding equipment uses the product’s own materials for fusion, without the need for auxiliary materials (such as nails, glue, paper clips, etc.); the stitching effect is highly consistent and ensures no spillage, achieving ideal stitching results.

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Welding is environmentally friendly and pollution-free
In line with the concept of sustainable development, the welding process is pollution-free, without debris or other small particle pollutants. Welding eliminates the use of toxic adhesives or solvents, truly realizing green welding.



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