Lingke Ultrasonic Provides More Sophisticated Solutions for Automotive Interiors

To remain competitive, automotive suppliers must balance capacity and innovation while meeting strict design, quality and materials standards. Lingke Ultrasonic can help you improve the production efficiency and performance of parts and systems, no matter which part of the car it is.

Lingke Ultrasonic’s advanced plastic welding solutions can provide leading car manufacturers with smart car interior details.

Whether you need to redesign the center console, reimagine the head-up display, or meet stricter efficiency standards, Lingke Ultrasonic can exceed your expectations through the more intelligent design of interior components.

With comprehensive plastic welding technology expertise, Lingke Ultrasonic will choose the ideal welding solution according to the customer’s requirements on size, shape, joint geometry, volume and budget.

Central Console


Whether it is a two-piece or three-piece construction, the main challenge when assembling a center console is how to weld the outer console to the inner reinforcement structure and/or box. This application requires a welding frequency that can accommodate complex shapes. Some welding processes can be done without mechanical fasteners, offering the added advantage of eliminating all kinds of noise.


The instrument panel requires the hose material to be welded to the molded tube for an airtight seal. Proper welding techniques can facilitate the assembly of these complex shapes without the use of adhesives, allowing different materials to be assembled – typically polyester for hose material and ABS for molded pipe. Lingke Ultrasonic will fully consider the size and configuration of conduits and panels before recommending the appropriate welding technique for your specific panel design.

Instrument Cluster

Instrument clusters often require a structural, dust-tight weld that maintains the integrity of the lens. The welding process must be able to control internal and external flashing to meet CMM (Coordinate Measurement) requirements. Some welding processes offer shorter welding cycles and eliminate the need for screws, washers and other consumables, reducing costs and saving time. Lingke Ultrasonic’s goal is to find a process that can provide consistent, repeatable welding and produce beautiful parts.

Glove Box


A common challenge with glove box assemblies is welding the outer surface into the inner box. A proper welding process should be able to handle typical glove box materials including ABS, polypropylene and TPO, while being able to accommodate complex sizes and configurations. Lingke Ultrasonic can recommend processes that do not require mechanical fasteners to ensure clean and beautiful welds.



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