Lingke Ultrasonics Solves the Bottleneck of Industrial Innovation And Upgrading

In the previous article, we popularized the welding principles and applicable products of three types of welding: ultrasonic welding, hot plate welding and rotation welding of Lingke Ultrasonic, a manufacturer with 30 years of professional experience in manufacturing ultrasonic equipment.
Next, we will introduce in detail the wide application of three other welding methods.

spin welding machine

High frequency welding
The main principle is that the self-excited oscillator of the electron tube generates a high-frequency electric field, which causes the polar molecules inside the plastic to move and collide at high frequency to generate internal heat, and then welding is achieved after pressing.

Suitable for: heat sealing of plastic films with polar molecules, various polyvinyl chloride (PVC)-based plastics, including shoes, trademarks, stickers, raincoats, rain sails, umbrellas, leather bags, handbags, beach bags, Stationery, brand names, inflatable toys, waterbeds, car and motorcycle seat cushions, sun visors, door panels, special hard shell vacuum packaging.

Hot melt welding
The heated parts are heated and dissolved directly through the heating plate at high temperature to achieve the purpose of riveting or embedding metal parts.
Application: Used for screw embedding and hot riveting, such as switches, mobile phones, and various electronic products.

platic welder

Plastic sealing machine
It is mainly used for heat sealing packaging of blister shells and paper cards. It uses the pulse heating principle of 36V voltage to heat the bakelite mold. Different current output and power-on time are selected according to the size of the workpiece (heat sealing area), and then the heat sealing is completed under cooling and pressurization. The packaged products are transparent and beautiful, and the packaging speed is fast.

Suitable for: packaging exquisite toys, stationery, daily necessities, cosmetics, industrial products and hardware products, small tools, etc., and sealing them into beautiful transparent jackets, so that the various advantages of the packaged items can be revealed at a glance.

Lingke Ultrasonic Source is a technology manufacturing-driven enterprise. The ultrasonic welding machines it develops are widely used in the three major industries of plastics, non-woven fabrics, and packaging. It can customize technical application solutions according to the needs of manufacturers, solve industry pain points, and help industrial innovation and upgrading!



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