Lingke Ultrasonics SPS Guangzhou Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition Concluded Successfully!

On March 6, 2024, the three-day SPS Guangzhou Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition (Guangzhou International Intelligent Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition) concluded successfully in Area B of the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou.

SPS exhibition

The scale of this exhibition is huge, with 500+ well-known brands and companies in the industry at home and abroad gathered together to jointly showcase the latest products, top technologies and solutions in the global industrial automation field to participants.

Win the market with quality and create the future with technology. As a high-end brand of ultrasonic plastic welding, Lingke Ultrasonic has been on display for three consecutive days. There was an endless stream of customers coming to the booth to experience and communicate, making it the focus of this exhibition.

SPS exhibition (2)

As a leading company in ultrasonic welding equipment, Lingke Ultrasonic adheres to the mission of leading the development of ultrasonic plastic welding technology in China and is always committed to providing customers with high-efficiency, high-performance, and high-safety ultrasonic welding equipment and application solutions.

In this exhibition, Lingke Ultrasonic brought K3000 Servo, K745 Servo, L3000 Servo and other series of products. The high-end appearance and powerful performance of the exhibits attracted a large number of visitors to stop and communicate. Through the sales engineers’ systematic explanations from all aspects of equipment structure, production process, product characteristics, application scenarios, etc., and the use of Lingke ultrasonic welding machine for operation demonstrations , the exhibits were highly recognized and praised by the visitors. A large number of exhibitors had a great conversation with the sales engineers, and reached cooperation intentions in subsequent exchanges.

SPS exhibition (3)

At the exhibition site, Mr. Zhan Denghong, Director of Ultrasonic Application of Lingke, was interviewed by Guangdong Radio and Television Station. During the interview, he introduced:
Lingke Ultrasonic’s Linggao and Lingke servo ultrasonic models exhibited at this exhibition have been widely used in automobile manufacturing, medical equipment, electronic equipment manufacturing and other fields. In addition, Lingke Ultrasonic can also provide forward-looking application solutions based on different demands and process characteristics to create greater value for customers.

The three-day SPS Guangzhou Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition came to a successful conclusion, and the wonderful story of Lingke Ultrasonic continues.

With 30 years of experience accumulated, Lingke Ultrasonic will not forget its original intention and forge ahead. This trip to SPS Guangzhou Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition is not only a brand display for Lingke Ultrasonic, but more importantly, it is to sense market changes, accurately focus on customer needs, and bring more innovation and high-quality products to the ultrasonic plastic welding industry. .

Thank you to all customers for your feedback and support, and we look forward to seeing you at the next event!



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