Lingke Ultrasonic Technology for Food Cutting And Packaging

The ultrasonic process can well meet the strict hygiene requirements of the food industry. In the food field, Lingke ultrasonic technology is mainly used for cutting and packaging.

cutting cake

Food Cutting

Ultrasonic food cutting and processing processes offer a completely new way to cut, slice, transfer, align or deliver a variety of food products, streamlining production, minimizing product waste and reducing maintenance costs.
Industrial cutting of soft foods, such as meat, bread, sandwiches, cakes and cakes, etc., places high demands on cutting technology and knives: the cutting surface must have a clean appearance, and the cutting object must not be deformed and adhere as little as possible.
Cutting with Lingke ultrasonic technology can greatly reduce the friction between the cutting object and the tool welding horn, avoiding adhesion and deformation during the cutting process. Extremely clean cutting results are achieved even at high operating cycle rates.

food packaging

Food Packaging

Ultrasonic waves can seal through residues such as liquid droplets, small amounts of powder or fibrous material that may be present in the sealing area. The process requires no adhesives and/or solvents.
Ultrasonic packaging seals are formed when high-frequency (ultrasonic) mechanical energy is transferred to two or more layers of thermoplastic material. Forms strong, reliable molecular bonds between layers. Almost all packaging materials and laminates with thermoplastic sealing layers or coatings are suitable for the ultrasonic sealing (welding) process.
Both airtight sealing and peelable sealing can be achieved using Lingke ultrasonic technology, such as prefabricated stand-up bags, edge sealing bags, tube bag film packaging, beverage packaging, film sealing of nozzles, cups, bowls, etc., and hose tapes After sealing the package, attach labels, etc.



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