Lingke Ultrasonic Welding Application is Not Only for Food Packaging

Packaging allows food to be better protected, stay fresh longer and be more sustainable. Ultrasonic technology meets all process optimization and validation criteria that are critical for food packaging companies. For packaging with a thermoplastic sealing layer, such as capsules, bags, beverage boxes, cups and trays, Lingke Ultrasonic Sealing offers numerous options.



Flexible packaging

Lingke ultrasonics safely push product residue out of the sealing area, ensuring an absolutely tight seal. This significantly reduces packaging leakage and extends the shelf life of supermarket products. This advantage of ultrasonics applies to stand-up bags, zipper bags and bags with both longitudinal and transverse seams in both intermittent and continuous applications.

Capsules and tea bags

Cap sealing, sealing ring welding and filter embedding are the most important applications where ultrasonic welding offers solutions. Welding tools hold the membrane in place using a vacuum method. Since the tools are kept cold, shelf life and product protection are also benefited.


Cups, blister packs and trays

Especially in PET applications, ultrasonic waves can quickly reach high melting points, thereby increasing yields. Sealing and separating of blister packs is easy, as is the addition of tear-off sections and tamper-evident seals.



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