Lingke Ultrasonic Welding Ensures Medical Device Components Maintain Functionality

The quality and safety requirements for components in the medical sector are very high: In addition to tightness, strength and minimal particle generation, process validation and process stability are also important factors in the manufacturing process. Lingke ultrasonic welding can provide excellent process monitoring and traceability, as well as data acquisition.


Semipermeable Membranes, Adapters and Connectors

Faced with the huge challenge of welding or embedding semi-permeable membranes or thin films, ultrasonic welding can handle it calmly. Furthermore, the technology ensures unrestricted functionality, weld tightness and particle purity as well as high output.


Surgical Instruments and Functional Components

The casing of electrical components protects the functionality of sensitive internal components. Especially for complex part geometries such as splints for surgical tools, ultrasonic welding offers a solution with dimensional accuracy and stability.

Fluid Containers and Filters

Ultrasonic can achieve tight and seamless welding. The process fully meets all prerequisites, such as those required for blood and dialysis filters. Medical products – The correct function of the product is closely related to the patient’s life.

Wound Dressing and Bandage Materials

Laminating or perforating different materials used in wound dressings to keep them breathable, sterile and soft – all possible with ultrasound technology. Due to the low energy input, ultrasonic welding does not have any negative impact on absorbency and feel.



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