Lingke Ultrasonic Welding Technology—New Energy Vehicles

With the development and progress of science and technology. New energy vehicles are a hot topic in the automotive industry today, and their related technologies are also constantly innovating and developing, and will become more intelligent and automated in the future. As an important choice for future transportation, new energy vehicles have huge market potential and development prospects. Ultrasonic welding machine technology has become a way to connect automobile parts.

As we all know, the welding requirements for parts of new energy vehicles are quite high, and the welding precision and production quality of products are strictly controlled. As a manufacturer of modern industrial welding equipment, Lingke Ultrasonics has the advantages of high efficiency, stability, accuracy, and high precision. It is an important link in the welding of auto parts and body manufacturing of new energy vehicles.

New energy vehicle

Application of Lingke ultrasonic welding machine in new energy vehicles
1. Power battery field: Ultrasonic welding equipment is suitable for various application scenarios such as lithium battery tab welding, PACK welding, composite current collector high-speed seam welding, and nickel-hydrogen battery positive electrode piece welding, especially in the lithium battery multi-layer tab welding process It plays an irreplaceable role and is a necessary equipment in the production and assembly process of power battery cells.

2. Semiconductor field: Ultrasonic terminal welding has replaced the traditional soldering process, especially automotive-grade IGBT terminal welding, which has strong demand.

3. Automotive wiring harness field: Ultrasonic welding equipment is mainly used for welding wire harnesses such as new energy vehicle connecting lines, charging pile connecting lines, and household appliance connecting lines.

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