Lingke Ultrasonics Servo Ultrasonic Welding Equipment Industry Applications–Medical Equipment

Residents’ income and consumption level have increased significantly, making health consumption a new consumption growth point in China. The medical equipment industry plays an increasingly important role in the health industry, and has become one of the industries with the most development potential and vitality.
With the steady growth of the medical equipment market, the localization of high-end technology has gradually become an important development goal for medical equipment enterprises, and medical equipment manufacturers need to improve their innovation ability, product quality, and speed to market in order to meet the market demand.

Medical Products

While medical device R&D strength is increasing, the requirements for assembly are also getting higher and higher. Medical device manufacturers have to face a series of complex assembly challenges such as high consistency, high precision, high efficiency and high production value. Lingke ultrasonic deep plowing ultrasonic welding field for 31 years, is a lot of medical devices trusted by the technology enterprise, the introduction of servo ultrasonic welding equipment has been widely used in the manufacture of surgical instruments, packaging sealing, electronic device connection, etc., to promote the high-quality development of medical devices plays an important role in supporting.

machine operation

01 Surgical instrument manufacturing surgical instruments need to meet the chemical properties, physical and mechanical properties and other related product standards, ultrasonic welding process without the need to add auxiliary adhesives, effectively avoiding assembly contamination. In addition, ultrasonic welding can provide specific molds for welding complex components of surgical instruments, making the product strength, toughness, aesthetics to achieve the best state.

02 Medical electronics assembly medical electronics production process of welding strength, air tightness and other stringent requirements, servo ultrasonic welding equipment can be realized in the cooling phase of the dynamic pressure, to ensure that the product is cooled under constant pressure molding, to ensure that the strength of the welded as well as airtight, to ensure that the internal components of the electronic device, the microcircuit is not damaged.

03 Medical Device Components Assembly of medical equipment often need to meet the space constraints of the equipment requirements, servo ultrasonic welding process can be targeted energy input to the weld point, to achieve the product precision, high efficiency, firmly welded at the same time, will not be due to vibration or due to high temperature and heat sources and lead to damage to the medical equipment.

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