Main Maintenance Contents of Ultrasonic Welding Machine

As an ultrasonic welding brand based in China and facing the world – Lingke Ultrasonics, its ultrasonic welding machines have been widely used in the three major industries of plastics, non-woven fabrics and packaging, and it has provided a large number of high-quality ultrasonic plastic welding equipment and application solutions.

We know that not maintaining a machine means giving up its production value. Some machine equipment failures are caused by improper use and maintenance by people. Therefore, strictly following correct and professional maintenance methods can effectively extend the life of the machine and ensure the safety of operators. So how to perform daily maintenance on ultrasonic welding machines?

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Main maintenance contents of ultrasonic welding machine
1. Oil the horizontal screws
The horizontal screws need to be regularly checked to see if they are lubricated to ensure normal operation of the machine.
2. Flange maintenance
Check whether the flange is locked. If it is loose, it will not only affect the welding effect, but also shorten the life of the welding machine.
3. Leave the position of the pressure plate lock jig
When pressing the plate to lock the jig, a distance of two centimeters needs to be left between the platen and it is prohibited to remove the top or bottom mold of the platen, otherwise it will cause crushing damage to the jig.

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4. The pressure plate holes need maintenance.
The screw holes in the bottom plate need to be sprayed with lubricating oil to prevent the buds inside from rusting.
5. Dovetail groove oiling and maintenance
If the dovetail groove part is not lubricated for a long time, dry friction will occur, making it impossible to adjust the height of the mold and the fuselage smoothly.
6. Welding horn maintenance
The screw part in the welding horn also needs to be lubricated to maintain smoothness so that it can remain smooth during the locking and disassembly processes.

Equipment maintenance can be said to be the essence of extending the service life of the machine. Through routine maintenance, we can fully grasp the changes in the technical status and wear and tear of the equipment, and promptly eliminate equipment hazards based on inspection findings to reduce machine repair costs.



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