Matching Design of Ultrasonic Generator And Ultrasonic Transducer

The design of ultrasonic generator and ultrasonic transducer matching consists of two aspects:

First, by matching the generator to the ultrasonic transducer output rated electrical power, which is due to the generator needs an optimal value of the load in order to output the rated power due to the impedance of the transducer into the optimal load, that is, the impedance conversion effect;

28kHz 1200W

The second is to match the generator output efficiency is the highest, this is due to the ultrasonic transducer has electrostatic resistance, resulting in the operating frequency of the output voltage and current have a certain phase difference, so that the output power is not the desired maximum output, so that the generator output efficiency is reduced, so that the generator output.
Therefore, in the generator output and on or on a series of the opposite resistance, so that the generator load for the pure resistance, that is, the role of tuning. It can be seen that the quality of the match directly affects the generation and efficiency of the power ultrasonic source.

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