Performance Characteristics of Ultrasonic Automatic Turntable Machine

Ultrasonic turntable welding machine, also known as ultrasonic disc welding machine, is an automated equipment that uses an ultrasonic welding system, combined with a disc (automatic turntable), to achieve automatic batch welding and improve productivity.

The ultrasonic automatic turntable machine can be equipped with a mechanical arm to automatically load materials, automatically weld, and then automatically take out the entire process of automated manufacturing.
At the same time, if it is not equipped with a robotic arm, it can also be used to manually remove raw materials, automatically weld, manually remove products, automatically remove products and other manufacturing methods. Correspondingly, the higher the level of automation, the higher the efficiency, saving labor, but the cost of mechanical equipment is also correspondingly higher.


The ultrasonic turntable welding machine is a customized equipment. Different plans will be designed according to each customer’s needs and products. Automatic ultrasonic welding machines with different numbers of stations can be selected, such as as few as two stations and three stations. There are six-station, four-station, five-station, six-station, eight-station and more station requirements. Customized ultrasonic automatic turntable machines can also be made.



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