Promoting Large-scale Equipment Renewal Industry Leader Lingke Ultrasonics In Action

In the current digital transformation and green upgrading of the dual drive, to promote the manufacturing industry towards high-end, intelligent, green direction is particularly critical.
In this wave of equipment renewal, the domestic ultrasonic equipment leading enterprises Zhuhai LINGKE ULTRASONICS CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Lingke ultrasonic ) to respond positively to the call, by virtue of innovative technology and excellent quality, in the industrial field of large-scale equipment renewal, to improve the quality of production and efficiency of the manufacturing industry to provide strong support.


If you want to do a good job, you must first make good use of your equipment. For many market players, equipment is the basis of production, renewal and upgrading to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises is essential. For Lintec ultrasonic equipment manufacturers, the process of equipment renewal is not only a process of technological innovation, but also a process of exploring market opportunities.

Servo ultrasonic plastic welding machine plays an irreplaceable role in promoting the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry due to its high efficiency, environmental protection and stability. Lingke ultrasonic through the absorption of foreign advanced experience, repeated verification, optimization of design, the introduction of independent intellectual property rights of the 7 series of 32 servo ultrasonic, to meet the market for high-quality, high-efficiency welding technology of the urgent needs.

ultrasonic welder

How to grasp the opportunities brought about by large-scale equipment renewal? Lingke ultrasonic responsible person said: “the implementation of manufacturing technology transformation and upgrading project, need to be closely integrated with the industry’s actual, Lingke ultrasonic in-depth analysis of the manufacturing industry in the technology, process, management and other aspects of the shortcomings and deficiencies for the automotive industry, medical equipment, consumer electronics and other industries to develop advanced, personalized, practical solutions to meet the lightweight, cost reduction, efficiency, promote industrial upgrading and other needs. and promote industrial upgrading and other needs.”



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